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Result Duration

6 Weeks

Treatment Time

30min - 1h

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Tattoo removal is a process used for getting rid of unwanted tattoo. There are several ways to get rid of tattoo including surgical removal, Laser removal technique and Dermabrasion.

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What are the possible ways for TATTOO REMOVAL?

Tattooing is an ancient skill. In U.S, about 35% of people have a tattoo according to their lifestyles. As the likes and dislikes of a person change with time depending on his/her personality, works, society and company he/she keeps. So, it is not required that everyone is happy with having tattoo. About 25% out of people want to get rid of such tattoo. So, they need no worries, as there is a special technique for tattoo removal.

While applying a tattoo, the ink in injected under the skin epidermis. But removing the tattoo is far more complicated and costly process. Tattoo removal is a process used for getting rid of unwanted tattoo. There are several ways to get rid of tattoo including surgical removal, Laser removal technique and Dermabrasion.

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Generally using these ways, older less colorful and small tattoos are removed easily. But sometimes it finds difficulty while dealing with fresher and more colorful tattoos. And it takes more time, thus, costly. Also the tattoos of person with dark skin tone and unhealthy skin conditions remove with difficulty.

If someone wants to get rid of the tattoo, it is required to consult the skin specialist for its removal. Do not try to remove it by yourself using different ointments because these may cause itching.

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Laser removal:

Mostly, it is considered that laser treatment is done successfully with low cost for the removal of tattoos. Actually laser treatment fades the tattoo instead of completely removing them so they become less visible.

Laser treatment depends not only upon the size and sort of tattoo but also on the patient age and the applicant of tattoo who is professional or unskilled person. Removal methods may also be affected by the skin tone and the penetration of tattoo color in the body of patient.



During this process, patients will wear eye shields for protection and the skin will be prepared for treatment using an anesthetic ointment. Nowadays, tattoos are removed using the special type of laser known as Q-switch laser, mostly used for dark skin tone. This laser emits single strong pulse of high energy that is used to warm the ink of tattoo present in your body. As a result, the ink will dissolve in skin and the color will fade in this way.

 Time and the number and power of pulses depend upon the type of tattoo that is to be removed. This takes more time and pulses of Q-switch laser for fresh and complicated tattoo removal than older and simple one. This process involves eight to ten sessions of every about ten to thirty minutes.


Surgical removal:

There is another method for tattoo removal which involves the cutting of tattooed skin using the sharp blades or knives. And at the end, the skin is stitched together. Thus, it is the most aggressive way of tattoo removal. As compared to laser removal, it is cheap but leaves a mark on skin and is only suitable for small sized tattoos. But it is time taking process and also healing of surgical wounds takes many weeks. During this, prescribed creams are to be applied on treated skin to protect skin from infection.

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Dermabrasion is less likely used technique for tattoo removal because it involves the removal of skin layer to get rid of tattoo pigments by the use of a sanding device. It is not good choice for tattoo removal for those having sensitive skin or any skin infection as it may cause bleeding. It causes the change of pigments in people with darker skin tone.

In this process, ultra-high rotating devices for abrasion of skin are used to remove the upper layer of skin containing tattoo pigments. It is painful than laser and surgical removal and patient will recover in 3 to 5 weeks.

Is there any side effect of tattoo removal?

As Laser treatment is safe method for tattoo removal than other surgical removal or dermabrasion techniques because it mainly deals with the pigments of tattoos. But it also has some side effects including the removal cause infections, everlasting scars, hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation which results in changes in skin colors. Cosmaceutical tattoos may darken the skin after treatment for removal.

What are the Aftercares?

After treatment, follow the prescription of the skin specialist. These instructions include the use of antibiotic creams for proper healing and to avoid infections. Also to keep the treated skin dry and clean and avoid direct sun rays which may cause scaring of skin.

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