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Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Oily Skin

With the passage of time, our skin become weak and elastic. Oils production in skin decrease due to which dryness occur and more wrinkles start appearing on skin. Due to the breakdown of fats in the deeper layers, Skin become loose and saggy which is the main cause of freaky lines.

Exposure to the Sun

Sun light contain a major amount of Ultra violet light which when interact with skin, Breakdown the connective tissues (Elastic fibers and collagen) and speed the natural aging process. Without the connective tissues, skin loose its elasticity and become wrinkled and saggy.


Ingredients presence in smoke of cigarette enhance the aging process which make the skin wrinkled. Collagen deficiency may occur due to smoking.

Facial Expressions

Our face muscles move with a great flexibility when we smile and express some feelings. This type of muscle’s motion cause fine lines. With the passage of time skin loose its flexibility and these fine line with expressions become permanent.

How to avoid wrinkles?

Here are some preventions tips:

Sun Protection

You need to limit your time spend in sun light to avoid the UV lights. Always wear protective clothing to protect your skin from sun. You need to use sunscreen as well when going outside.

You need to use products with sun protection factor about 15. It will save you from the direct effect of sun light. Mostly you need to apply sun screens after 2 hours while swimming. However, The Academy of Dermatology recommends to use sun screens up to 30 SPF.

UV Protective Products

It is recommended to use protective skin products. There protective products will save your skin from UV rays which are the main parts of sunlight. These products absorb both Ultra violet A and Ultra violet B rays and act as barriers to guard skin cells.

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Prevention is better than cure!

Some additional advice you should take note of:

Use Moisturiser

Always use moisturizers to nourish your skin. This will avoid dryness on body. Dryness when occur promotes the creation of fine lines which if remain for long time can be persistent. Moisturizers cover up the dryness by filling water in follicles. If you have dryness in your skin, regular use of moisturizer will cover it with in few days.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking change your skin texture, tone and create wrinkle marks. By avoiding smoking habit you can improve your skin.

Healthy Diet

Diet rich with vitamins, proteins is the best way to get fresh skin. Healthy diet plan helps to protect your skin against environmental factors.