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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Moles are appeared due to the pigments of the cell on human body as looked skin is grown. Interestingly, the moles are not harmful, not itching, and not contagious. Moles may be fade away and no need to remove it.

Moles: Moles are appeared on the human body and observed as predominant skin growth.

A nevus, or a beauty mark, is another name for a mole on your skin. Moles are extremely common, and the majority of them are completely harmless.

They should not pain, itch, or bleed, and they are not contagious. Finally, moles are skin lesions that are modest in size.

They are a group of melanocytes that have gathered together. Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin.

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What are the symptoms of MOLES?

Moles have different colours, but usually are in brown colour. Some moles also have hairs and are elevated. If there are moles appeared on the skin having the pains and bleeding, then, they might be unsafe.

Itching, pain, bleeding, and inflammation occur, and moles appear on the skin. Moles can be appeared anywhere on skin, usually, they are seemed on neck, chest, or arms frequently

How and where Moles Appeared: Moles are appeared due to clumps as melanin is created by melanocytes cells. It is also observed that moles may be fade away or alternate the presence.

With different sizes, moles are appeared on the areas of body, such as scalp, toe, shoulders, neck etc. Some makeup products may also cause the moles.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis: By looking at your skin, your doctor can detect moles. A skin inspection could become a regular element of your preventive medical care. Consult your doctor about a schedule that is right for you.

If your doctor feels a mole is malignant, a tissue sample may be taken for microscopic inspection. Several people have malignant melanoma that is really hazardous that is appeared on right arm. There are different sizes of the moles but, usually moles are sized in 7mm.

Treatment: Moles can be removed by dermatologists by surgical blades. The moles are also given cut and stitched. On the other hand, moles are not removed as treatment. Some dermatologist does skin biopsy as well. The doctor can check whole body.

The important thing is try not to remove the moles yourselves. Above all, try to protect your skin in any cases, such as sun rays, wearing sun screen, examining the condition of the moles daily.

What Doctor Can Do?

Moles are not harmful at all. There are some precautions to be done and most prominent is to make schedule to see the doctor.

The doctor would arrange the list of all tests, supplements, and medications. If you have the biopsy report, bring it with you to show the doctor. Don’t try to purchase medicines yourselves but concern the doctor that is better choice at all.

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