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Result Duration

6 Weeks

Treatment Time

30min - 1h

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

A syringoma is a group of bumps that look like pimples on one’s skin that are not harmful and have yellow color or similar to that of one’s skin color. These are mainly occur due to the abnormal growth of sweat glands.

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What are the symptoms of syringoma?

Syringoma seems to be small round bumps that normally arise on both sides of your face, chest, abdomen, forehead and genitalia.

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What are the causes of syringoma?

Syringoma is caused by the increased growth and working of eccrine (sweat) glands. And this increased activity may be due several different factors including anxiety, hypertension and different genetic disorders.

How to treat syringoma?

As syringoma is not harmful for one’s body, so no treatments are needed for this condition. But some people want to remove these bumps from their skin, because they find difficulty in applying cosmetics. Yet, syringoma is treated by two different methods:

1.    Physical excision:

Syringoma can be treated by taking oral medicine in the form of pills or using the lotions that are used to apply on your skin, that are prescribed by your doctor according to your skin conditions and symptoms. In order to reduce the presence of syringoma, mostly doctors prescribe tri-chloroacetic acid as used in acne treatment.  It can also be treated by removing them from skin using different surgical gadgets such as knives or blades. But these are not much effective than surgery.

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2.    Surgical treatments:

A number of surgical methods are used for the treatment of syringoma. Some of these are as follows:

Laser treatment:

Mostly doctors consider it better to treat the syringoma by using nigh potential laser beams. These beams are focused on the affected area of skin in order to reduce the presence of syringoma. This method is considered better than others because of the possibility of all its procedures and also it gives least risk of scars after treatment.

Electric cauterization:

In this way of treating syringoma, the lumps are removed by burning them using current that is passed through the needle-like tool. On the basis of this procedure, another method is used named, Electrodessication using curette, but the difference is that here after burning your doctor will pickle the tumors.


In this treatment, a chemical used generally is liquid nitrogen, which freezes the growths. Due to this character, this process is generally termed as freezing the growths.


In this treatment, the growths of syringoma are removed along with the skin epidermis by the use of abrasive materials. And the new skin cells form the skin layer after this.

Is there any side effects of removing syringoma?

All these ways of treatments of syringoma may result in scars or pimples may rise again after treatment, so, for that, the treatment will be repeated in the same way.

What preventive measures are to follow after treatment?

After the removal of syringoma, your skin will be like an open wound and you will need to prevent it from infections. The healing of these injuries depends upon the nature of one’s skin. So you will need to act upon the advice of your doctor and discuss post-treatment aftercare.   

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