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Result Duration

6 Weeks

Treatment Time

30min - 1h

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

LED Light Therapy Treatment is the process of using lights of different wave lengths on skin for anti-ageing and acne. This technique is very useful for anti-aging, for acne treatment and the reduction of inflammation.

LED – light emitting diode therapy includes the usage of blue and red lights for skincare. Red light is use for anti-aging and blue for acne treatment. Led therapy treatment helps to regenerate skin cells from aging and very useful for wound healing.

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What are the safety parameters involve in LED therapy?

In this therapy, there is no use of ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is very safe for regular skin treatment. It not recommended for those who have rashes or use Accutane for acne. The side effects normally not appear but there are some chances of inflammation, redness and rashes.

How convenient this process is?

It is a very easy process. If you are at home and do not want to visit skincare clinic, you can get it at home. However, results may vary.

You can get this treatment in office in just 20 minutes. For office, you need at least 10 treatments in the next 10 weeks. Then after you can get this treatment after few months.

How soon I can get the results?

Your skin will be improved over time with LED light Therapy. You have to get regular treatments to maintain the same skin results.

If you will get this treatment at home, the results will take much time to appear. Because the home hand handle machines, use lower frequency lights. While if you get treatment from clinic the results will appear soon.


How LED light therapy Works?

Light therapy was first used by U.S. Navy to heal the wounds quickly by regeneration of muscles. Its increase the collagen and tissues. It will help to reduce the wrinkles, acne and age spots. In this, therapy, Red and blue lights with different frequencies are used. All these lights lack ultraviolet rays and absorb in skin cells.

Which areas can be targeted with this treatment?

You can get this treatment on any parts of your body. Mostly this is used for face. It may cause some skin damage because it is more exposed than other body parts. More aging signs showcasing parts like neck and chest can be treated with this therapy.

What are risk factors involved?

As this therapy does not include the usage of ultraviolet rays, it is very safe according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

It does not burn your skin and not cause any pain effect as compared to other skin laser treatments. It’s a non-invasive skin treatment. If you are using Accutane for your skin, this may cause scarring due to the increase of vitamin A.  Also it is not recommended, if you are using anything which make your skin sensitive to sunlight. It cannot be used for skin with active rash.

How to find an LED light therapy provider?

There is no substitute for experience. The more experienced person can get better results on your skin. It is very easy to find out experience person. You call contact our support to connect with an expert.

What is the Cost of LED light Therapy?

Cost of treatment vary with respect to sessions you take and depending upon the skin type.

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