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Warts are not harmful and not cancerous. One human papillomavirus is responsible to transfer this skin disease from one person to another. Warts are not harmful or cancerous, but people do not welcome the warts as they are unappealing.

Warts: Warts are small in sizes and are growths of skin that appeared on hands or fingers. There is complicated pattern of warts comprised of small black spots, which are usually rough. Due to ugliness and filthy appearance, warts are considered humiliating and painful.

It is observed that warts are appeared due to an infection that exchanged from one person to another, called human papillomavirus. People do not welcome warts as well as unappealing to anyone; on the other hand, warts are not harmful or hazardous. 

Some people say that warts are only appeared on hands and fingers, but contrary to it, they can be seen on other parts of the body, such as feet, knees, and even face. Common warts appeared on hand, feet, and genital area of the body. Condyloma, plantar warts, mosaic warts, are the common types of the warts appeared on skin.

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Warts are appeared on the skin and skin become rough and elevated, which are noncancerous. Warts are usually flat. Irritation of the skin with different degree and telltale sign of black color spot, are the common symptoms of the warts.

Warts are spread out from the black pinpoints that are joint t the blood vessels. The backs of hands, fingers, the skin around nails, and the feet are the most common sites for these flesh-colored growths.

They may have black spots that resemble seeds, but are actually blood clots. These are normal symptoms of the common warts.

Who is affected? Warts are common skin disease that affects everyone. Children are especially prone to warts due to their frequent cuts. Even so, warts can affect anyone.

 The virus that produces warts is particularly sensitive to people with autoimmune diseases or compromised immune systems, such as the elderly.


Warts are not so much dangerous. Due to the infectious virus penetrated into skin and then, warts appeared.

There are different parts of the body through which this virus are transferred. Direct touching to warts, shaving, extra taking of proteins, keratin products, due to intercourse, cuticle picking and nail biting, some contaminated things can also be caused to the disease of warts.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Warts

Warts are easy to be assumed due to the symptoms. Doctors check the warts or can take sample from the warts that are called biopsy. Doctor conduct HPV test in this regard. As far as treatment of the warts is concerned, the warts can be faded away as warts are painful and increase due the spread of the virus.

Warts can be handled inside the home after using some remedies. Some people cut the wart with iron cutting devices and then apply pan leave for half an hour, then, warts are removed easily and do not appear there again. The medication of Compound W ® that has salicylic acid can be effective to remove warts. This chemical action of dissolve is common among the people, but it needs some weeks or few months.

Freezing the warts with the help of cryotherapy, the warts are being freeze then warts are removed. Opposite to it, with the help of laser treatment, the warts are removed as doctor gives much heat to warts and then kill the warts after cutting the supply of the blood through the vessels.

There is immunotherapy through which the more rough and stubborn warts are treated and for this purpose, some chemical actions are needed ultimately. Some medicines that are tropical are also recommended by the doctor with application of the chemical treatment, is also effective and warts can be removed with the help of this treatment easily.

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