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6 Weeks

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Freckles are harmless and normally caused by the sun rays. Freckles are little brownish spots that are not welcomed by any one.
Due to having melanin, freckles appeared usually. Freckles are categorized into two types which are: Ephelides and Solar Lentigines.
Ephelides are the type of freckles that most people are familiar with. Adults acquire Solar Lentigines, which are dark areas of skin. Freckles, age spots, and sunspots are examples of this.

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Freckles’ appearance is relatively consistent. Freckles are characterized by a patch with a sprinkling of light and flat brown patches, a smooth texture, and no lumps or scales.
While they are more common on persons with lighter complexions, they can also be seen on people with darker complexions. While freckles are not generated by the sun, they do darken in the sun and are stimulated by it.

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Freckles are hypothesized to form as a result of a mix of genetic predisposition and exposure to the sun.

The lights that are florescent tanning can also be caused to freckles, but sun rays are foremost sources to make freckles appeared on the skin.

It has also been observed that the people having blond or black hair, brought freckles easily taking the sun rays.

A freckle is essentially an abnormally large deposit of melanin in one location on the skin.
Freckles might appear to be extremely similar to other skin blemishes. They can resemble sun spots, sometimes known as age spots, or liver spots, for example.


Freckles are harmless and can be controlled. Following are the steps that can be vital ones:
Freckles cannot be prevented by the sunscreens, but, sunscreens can be handy to have new ones. It is also recommended that 30 SPF or higher sunscreens are considered to be the best.

Sunscreens should also be reapplied after every two hours.

Laser Treatment is also effective. Laser treatment targets damaged skin with pulses of focused, strong light.

Cryosurgery is usually harmless, and it does not require anesthesia or any downtime. On the other hand, Hypopigmentation, bleeding, and blistering are some of the possible side effects too.

Fading Cream (Tropical) that is also known as bleaching cream, is available without a prescription and over the counter.

For making dark skins into lighter, hydroquinone is really effective and result oriented. Expect hydroquinone, Retinoid Cream is recommended by the experts for applying it on the effected part of skin.

A chemical peel exfoliates and peels away damaged skin using a chemical solution. A mild skin peel containing glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid penetrates the skin’s middle layers to eradicate freckles.

Precautions and Protections

Freckles are appeared due to sun rays and prevention from the sun rays is foremost while you are outside. Contrary to it, it is not sure if we protect ourselves from the sun rays, the freckles would fade away.

Wearing hat, sunglasses, and covering of sleeves are up to the mark if we prevent our skin. To stay in the shade is also better action. Avoidance of the tanning beds and sunscreen changing are also good turns also.

Facts about Freckles

Freckles are gone if you turned to old, some people firmly believe when they get old, the freckles would be no more.

During the birth of babies, freckles are not observed. The key is prevention if you don’t like freckles.

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