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Result Duration

6 Weeks

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30min - 1h

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Large, elevated, swollen blood vessels that twist and turn are known as varicose veins/ spider veins. They typically appear through the skin and begin to develop in the legs. They are caused by malfunctioning valves or a weakening of the blood vessel wall. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, the legs and pelvic region are where they most frequently do.

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Causes of Spider veins:

These issues occur when veins are not properly functioning. Valves in veins stop the backward flow of blood and provide only one way passage. When any issue occur with valves, the blood collection in veins occur instead of flowing towards heart. Normally these issues come in leg veins where gravity offer hindrance of blood flow towards heart. These veins issues may occur due to over age, obesity, pregnancy, menopause and standing for a long time.

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Misshape veins in legs are the main symptoms of Spider veins. Swelling, heaviness, achiness, pain and enlargement of veins are the symptoms of this issue. Sometimes discoloration and swelling occur but sometimes in severe cases bleeding may occur.

What are the preventions to avoid these vein issues?

To prevent these issues, you need to make changings in your lifestyle.

  • Exercise to improve your blood circulation in veins
  • Avoid standing for long time spans
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by losing weight
  • Use some compression stockings