What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition in many people, it’s caused when the tiny holes in the skin called pores that can become blocked by oil, bacteria and dirt. On the surface of your skin found sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles as these glands provide grease/oil to hair which helps the skin to stop drying out so meanwhile sebum is produced that cause acne; In some severe condition it can be painful. In fact, when glands start produce excess oil in tiny holes it called sebum (oily liquid); when it mixed with dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum/excess oil can clog the pore. Overall, these pore blockages can cause symptoms like whiteheads and blackheads which may develop a pimple. If your skin is repeatedly affected by this condition, it may cause papules, nodules or pustules. Afterall acne and post acne scarring can affect the confidence in some people.

Symptoms of acne

Acne can be seen anywhere of your body. Generally, it most common on your face, back, neck, chest, and shoulder because these parts of body contain more sebaceous glands than others, this excess oily liquid or too much sebum can cause whiteheads and blackheads which contribute to the develop pimples.

    • Blackheads open at the surface of your skin,
    • Whiteheads are closed just under the surface of your skin and look like white because of the pores are plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

Usually, A pimple appears when bacteria grows in a clogged pore and the oil is unable to getaway, you may notice a tiny bump under the surface of skin, large open pores by emerging of these substances like bacteria, too much sebum production and dead skin cells together form an inflammation that cause a breakout. While whiteheads and blackheads are the most common lesions/comedones that can grow into a tiny bump. There are some painful Inflammatory lesions of acne which can left your skin with scaring.

    Papules papule is a type of inflamed blemish. It appears like red bump on the skin. Papules form when follicles are infected or inflamed.

  • Pustules are small red pimples that have pus and it called pimple/zit.
  • Nodules are large, inflamed breakout that often painful and it’s more serious condition of acne than other pimple/lumps, these blemishes can be more widespread but it’s not harmful.
  • Cysts are kind of lump which grow under the surface of the skin, it can often be a cause of discomfort and painful.