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Result Duration

6 Weeks

Treatment Time

30min - 1h

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6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Biotin is an essential hydrophilic vitamin that catabolizes the fats, amino acids and carbohydrates in the human body and produces energy in the form of ATP. These are useful the normal growth of hair and strong nails. It is useful for the genes and DNA proteins regulation.

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From where do we get biotins?

Due to some genetic modifications human body is unable to produce these vitamins. So we need to take it from our environment to help our body work properly. These vitamins found naturally in bananas, carrots, nuts, salmon and animal products such as eggs and milk.  After absorption from food, biotin is stored in liver, muscles and kidney of human body

How does the deficiency of biotin occur?

Different antibiotics may lead to the mal-absorption of biotins in body or the destruction of intestinal bacteria that causes the biotin production. Intra-venous treatment of nutrients may also results in biotin deficiency. In order to lose weight and maintain body health, people avoid eating much that will lead to the deficiency of such vitamins. Biotin deficiency may also be the result of several different genetic and nervous disorders.

Facing Hair fall – Get Biotin

If the biotin level in one’s body becomes low, he/she will have to face the hair loss, rashes around the mouth, eyes, nose and anus. It also causes many skin infections, weakened nails, depression and acidification of urine. The biotin deficiency can be checked by all of these symptoms.

Why biotin injections are preferred?

To make up the deficiency of biotin in human body, different tablets or injections can be taken orally or through intramuscular ways, respectively. But the absorption of the vital nutrients and vitamins from oral supplements depends upon the abilities of digestive tract. About 20% of nutrients are allowed to enter the blood stream after absorption that is insufficient for the maintenance of proper body functioning. Thus, a person with defective digestive system may not get the required amount of these vitamins through tablets. So, it is considered the best way to intramuscularly inject the patient with biotins. In this way, biotin level in blood rises and maintains the cell growth and body metabolism.

Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle – Get Biotin

How to inject biotin?

Biotin injections are inoculated into a muscle or a vein. The dosage will be recommended by your doctor depending upon the age, dietary habits and other factors including pregnancy or breastfeeding. Injection of biotin in muscles simple requires a syringe with fine needle and the biotin dose. The patient will feels a slight pain at the injection site and after it; he/she may get immediately back to routine work. This is a course of about twelve weeks that involves the inoculation of dose with a gap of three or four days.

What benefits do you get from biotin?

Normal level of biotin in blood is very beneficial for proper growth. These are:

  • Biotin activates the sweat glands that help in thermoregulation of body.
  • Give relief from acne and bad skin conditions.
  • Inhibit the hair loss and make the hair and nails strong, thick and shiny.
  • Regulate the blood glucose level and activate the body metabolism by the conversion of proteins and lipids into useful form of energy.
  • Increase the formation of keratin that is important for proper growth of hair and their glands.
  • Biotins are also responsible for the normal working of nervous system.
Is there any side effect of biotin injections?

As the patients may feel slight pain at the injection site after injection. But these may also cause severe problems such as sleep sickness, skin eruptions, kidney and digestive tract disorders.

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