PRP Treatments for Dark Circles



Result Duration

6 Weeks

Treatment Time

30min - 1h

Back to work



6 Weeks

Potential Risk

Temporary mild redness and tenderness

Everybody face a genuine problem of having dark circles under his/her eyes at any age of life. And EYES are considered the first noticeable thing during meeting with others. But these dark circles put bad impact on the personality of any person and reduces the self-confidence and self- assurance. Because these give eyes a tired look and a person seems to be older than its age. Mostly people seldom develop dark circles, but many have permanent dark circles that cannot be hidden with Cosmaceutical products.

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What are the causes of dark circles?

Before getting knowledge about PRP treatment for dark circles, let us first know the reasons of dark circles under eyes. There are many factors which cause the darkening of skin tone around eyes. These are as under:

  • Inherent factors include:
  • Genetics:

Genes play an important role in dark circles under eyes. In this condition, people bear a bluish skin tone due to the blood vessels under the skin epidermis. Dark circles even appear in people with darker skin tone.

  • Aging:

Aging is a factor that cannot be under-estimated. As we get older our skin will lose elasticity and also the ability to rejuvenating and repairing will decrease. And the vaso-dilation will occur with growing age that will cause dark circles under eyes. 

  • Allergies:

Some people are very sensitive and are susceptible to allergies with minor factors. These reactions will cause the vaso-dilation and fluid accumulation in blood vessels that will provide skin with darker skin tone around eyes.

  • Controllable or avoidable factors:

By changing the lifestyle and these factors, the possibility of dark circles will be decreased. Such causes include:

  • Stress and sleeping disturbance:

Taking stress and worry about anything will cause hormonal imbalance that will disturb sleeping. Due to these reasons, blood circulation will disturbed causing dark circles.

  • Improper diet:

An unhealthy diet may cause dark circles due to the lack of sufficient nutrients for proper healthy life.

  • Sun exposure:

Ultra-Violet rays in the sun may damage the skin around the eyes, increasing the pigmentation which results in darker skin tone around eyes.

  • Dehydration:

Blood vessels in the dehydrated skin may lead to accumulate more fluid which give rise to dark circles

What is the term PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, commonly known as PRP, is a naturally non-surgical treatment used to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and to give the skin elasticity and glowing effect. It heals the injuries rapidly in any part of body because the serum contains a number of growth factors along platelets and cytokines.


In the process of PRP, the dermatologist extracts the blood from patient’s body and separates the plasma rich in platelets and collagen from the blood of patient. This contains the beneficial components including the growth factors which speed up the rejuvenation of skin. These will lessen the visibility of skin aging and give skin fair and glowing look by enhancing the betterment of skin quality.

In this case, the rejuvenating serum is injected under the eyes using a needle. This enhances the activity of tissues in repairing, renewing of skin and reducing the pigmentation.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

After having PRP treatment, the patients will get elasticity of skin tissues, strengthened collagen and elastin of skin that were weakened due to some environmental and other factors. This will produce the new blood vessels that will oxidize the skin cells to keep fresh and glowing by enhancing melanin formation. By this the unnecessary fats of skin are burned out and also the old and dead skin cells will metabolize.

Is there any side effect of PRP treatment?

PRP process is a slightly intrusive, during which platelets from the patient’s blood are injected under the skin. Although, it is a safe process, the patients feel slight pain during injection. This pain is reduced by the usage of numbing ointments. Yet it is a time taking process, as the patient is injected thrice, each with the gap of one month. And the improvement of skin condition will depend upon the age and response of the body toward changes.

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PRP Treatments for Dark Circles