Aging and Wrinkles

As we age our cells become senescent means they have no more capacity of dividing, but they are metabolically active as aging it’s a natural process; slowing down of collagen production and elastin fibers can cause wrinkles. You may notice developing some fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles by decreasing of elastin in your skin. However, environmental factors like UV exposure/sun damage break down the collagen, smoking and polluted air can also cause early aging. In fact, these all factors will result of look tired, sagging and dull skin. By this aging process or changes which happen in organs, cells and tissues causing slow down the function of all body system.
There are advanced treatments available for our customers to stimulate collagen production, intensify the elasticity, reduce the appearance of ageing, dull skin and soften wrinkles, that’s all helping you feel more confident and comfortable.