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A refund policy, also sometimes known as a return policy, is a policy adopted by us and operates for all of our services, as stated below, and from which our customers will be able to assess and gauge how our company deals with refunds or returns after the product or service is purchased.


We do not offer a refund on any service or product that is purchased as part of promotional special offer whether that is either marketed by us or by our affiliates / partner service providers / promoters, etc. Any decision on whether or not to consider a refund under any circumstances, will be considered at the sole discretion of the business and manager in charge.

  • a refund will be provided where required in accordance with the UK consumer law.
  • we want you to be a satisfied customer, so if our services or product is faulty, it may be either replaced or refunded subject to any operating terms and conditions relating to such product or service.
  • we operate a strict policy for not refunding merely for a change of mind or in circumstances where the issue arises through no fault of the clinic, business or any of its employees, agents / members, therapists, doctors, or affiliates, etc
  • our procedures and products may not be suitable for you and whilst all due care and skill is exercise in treating our customers, ultimately it is your responsibility to determine if the product or treatment is right for you.
  • there is no refund on PRE-PACE and therefore, are not transferable to other individuals, treatment areas or clinics (where relevant).
  • PRE-PACE have a 12 (Twelve)month expiry date.
  • treatments purchased online are not transferable to other individuals, treatment areas or clinics.
  • any request for the refund by you for treatments purchased in clinic or online through the customer portal, must be directly issued to the clinic for consideration.
  • the clinic may decide, upon review of your written request, whether a refund is warranted and required and will make the determination to award the same at its sole discretion applying fair and reasonable considerations in line with the  policy stated above and the criteria for any advertised offerings.

Velvet Skin & laser group has established a skin care line as they endeavoured to find natural- sourced, plant- based and herbal ingredients to achieve the beneficial outcome which is sustainable.


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